Chapter 7

Chapter 7

File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for a Fresh Financial Start

At DeWald Law Offices in Bethlehem, PA, we can help you file for bankruptcy. Attorney Michelle DeWald works closely with you to determine the best option for your particular situation.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers a fresh start financially. You can get rid of dischargeable debts, and relieve some of your financial burden.

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Credit card debt

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Medical bill debt

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Personal loans

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Unsecured debts

What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 is commonly known as a ‘straight bankruptcy'. It is a quick process that usually takes a few months. Chapter 7 bankruptcy works best for individuals who:

Have high credit card debt

Have unexpected medical bills

Receive collection calls

Receive financial notices

Not enough income to pay bills

Low credit score

Are being sued by creditors

Start Your Debt Relief Today

No matter how well we manage money, problems arise unexpectedly that can have a severe impact on our lives.

Divorce, unemployment and unexpected medical expenses are all issues that can drain your resources.

Consult with our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney to evaluate your situation and provide some options to help you regain financial stability for you and your family.