Bankruptcy and The Law

Bankruptcy and The Law

Pennsylvania and Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy involves gathering information about your income, expenses, assets, debt, property, and filing official bankruptcy forms. Bankruptcy is a federal law, however there are Pennsylvania bankruptcy laws to consider when preparing your filing.

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Means Testing Figures

For Chapter 7 bankruptcy, if you are above median income you’ll have to take a ‘means test’, but if you are below median income, you don't have to take the test.

Median levels change periodically.

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Education Classes

Most filers must complete education classes before filing and after filing.


Pennsylvania bankruptcy exemption allows you to protect your home, vehicles, and cash. Chapter 7 will allow keeping assets that are protected by bankruptcy exemptions. Under chapter 13, you will pay the value of nonexempt property to your creditors. Some commonly-used exemptions:


Property and Wages

Pension and Retirement Funds


Public Benefits